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The Winning Horseplayer: A Revolutionary Approach to Thoroughbred Handicapping and Betting by Andrew Beyer
This advanced guide to handicapping, which includes a new Foreword by the author, is chock-full of the wit and wisdom that have made Beyer a legend in the sport. The Winning Horseplayeroffers the sophisticated bettor invaluable advice on handicapping and betting. "(Beyer) is the grand guru . . . of handicapping."--Boston Globe.

Picking Winners: A Horseplayers Guide by Andrew Beyer
Widely acclaimed a classic in its field, Picking Winners now features a new foreword in which the author discusses the changes that have swept the sport of horseplaying since his book's celebrated first publication. "Irresistible, even to people who are not likely to go around the bend about thoroughbred racing."--Sports Illustrated.

Overlay, Overlay: How to Bet Horses Like a Pro by Angel Cordero, Jr., Woody Stephens, P.B. Johnson & Richard Miglore

How to Pick Winning Horses by Bob McKnight

How You can Beat the Races by Jack Kawanagh

Making Money at the Races by David Barr

Advanced Speed & Pace Handicapping by David L. Christopher

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